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Oldbury Nuclear Viewpoint

This site is a source of information on the proposals by Horizon to develop a new nuclear power station at Shepperdine, next to Oldbury near Thornbury on the Severn Vale

Write to your MP today

The responses to the DECC re-consultation are all in and the next step in the process is the debate on the National Policy Statement on Energy in Parliament.

It is essential that your MP knows your views, otherwise they can't represent them.

Please write to your MP making your views clear. If you responded to the DECC consultation, it is a good idea to include a copy of your response.

Your MP's contact details are here.

And TELL YOUR FRIENDS to do it too!


Massive impact - the new nuclear power station that is being proposed it 4 times bigger than the existing station in terms of its physical size. It is not a like for like swap, it is on a completely different scale. In addition to the long-term impact, the development phase will have a huge impact on Thornbury and the environs. Imagine a 5 year development involving 5,000 workers and 1,500 truck movements a day for 18 months (SouthGlos estimate).

It is NOT inevitable - too many people think that there is nothing that can be done to stop this development. This is not true: 3 sites have already been taken off the list of approved sites and the planning phase is still in the future. If everyone gets involved, then it will make a difference. Act now.

Silence is approval - if you do nothing, the DECC, Parliament, the Planning Commission and Horizon will take this as tacit support for their project. You cannot sit on the fence. If you sit on the fence, this will be seen as support. So if you don't actively approve, then make sure your concerns are voiced!

For a video overview of the issues raised by New Nuclear click here.

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UPDATE (also see news)

DECC attend meeting at Thornbury - 16th December

Members of the Department of Energy and Climate Change attended a meeting in Thornbury at the invitation of South Glos Council and SANE. 100 people attended the event and voiced their serious concerns over the proposed development.

The Thornbury Lectures - 27th November

There was an excellent series of lectures in The Cossham Hall on the issues surrounding new nuclear development, including finance, radioactivity, environmental impact and waste, as well as issues specific to the Oldbury development. Read more...

New DECC consultation is starting

There is a new consultation on the NPS prior to a Parliamentary vote in the Spring. Make sure your opinions are taken in to account. Find out more ...

There is a consultation event in Bristol run by DECC on 29th November from 2.00 to 4.30pm. Register now by clicking here ...

Oldbury is still on the revised NPS

Hopes that Oldbury would be removed from the NPS by the Coalition have be quashed. Read more ...

Horizon release new images of cooling tower options - they're BIG!

There are Horizon's official pictures of how the new nuclear proposal at Oldbury will affect Thornbury's horizon. Click here to make up your own mind!

Shepperdine Against Nuclear Energy response to cooling tower announcement

Shepperdine have issued a robust response to Horizon's announcement. Read the Press Release ..


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This website is run by a group of residents who are concerned with the impact that the proposed redevelopment will have on Oldbury and the Severn Vale.

We have a variety of personal views on the development, but share one main concern: that the redevelopment will go ahead without people really understanding what is at stake until it is too late.

This site will be a source of information for those that want to:

  • understand the proposals and the process
  • understand the issues and key questions
  • know what is going on
  • make their voice heard

We hope to extend this to create a forum for local debate. We plan to give a voice to the local people, both individually and, if there is a consensus, as a community.

Recent News

Huhne announces that the timetable for new nuclear remains unchanged, despite Fukushima!
The Weightman report into the lessons to be learned from Fukushima has concluded that no changes in the UK plans for new nuclear are required.

More land could be needed for new nuclear power station near Oldbury
Horizon has said it may need more land: SANE question whether this should rule them out of the NPS

Coalition policy to provide financial incentives for building new nuclear
Chris Hulme has announced a shake up of the power market aimed to make nuclear viable, despite the LibDems pre-Coalition anti-nuclear stance

Protest day to be held in Thornbury against nuclear power station proposal
Local campaign group Shepperdine Against Nuclear Energy (SANE) has organised the event, which will include lectures and a protest march through Thornbury, to demonstrate the strength of local feeling about new nuclear build

NEW consultation: Coalition consultation on the revised draft National Policy Statements on Energy
A recent letter to respondents to the initial NPD draft announced the launch of the Coalition’s revised draft NPS on Energy.

Anti-nuclear campaigners continue fight against new Oldbury station
CAMPAIGNERS against a new nuclear power station near Oldbury have said they will continue the fight to stop a plant being built

Oldbury still on nuclear shortlist
The announcement today by Chris Huhne, Secretary of State Energy, will be a blow to local campaigners who had hoped the Oldbury site would be removed from a list of preferred sites

Oldbury still in the NPS after new review
According to leaked information, 4 sites have been removed from consideration, but Oldbury is still in the frame

DECC to revisit NPS on energy
The Coalitoin is reviewing the National Policy Statement for energy before a Parliamentary vote in Spring 2010.

Horizon release new images of cooling tower options - they're BIG!
Horizon has finally produced images of how the cooling towers will affect our horizon. It seems our attempts, if anything, undersized them.

Horizon to focus on Hybrid Cooling towers
Horizon have announced that their preferred option for the cooling towers at Oldbury is for the 70m fan assisted towers.

DECC launches new energy calculator tool
According to SANE the new 2050 energy calculator shows how to meet our emissions without using nuclear power. Give it a go.

Chris Huhne will make final decision on nuclear planning applications
Following the disbanding of the IPC, the Secretary of State for Energy, LibDem Chris Huhne, will make the final decision on Oldbury!

Coalition sets out energy policy as new analysis points to scale of 2050 challenge
The Government sets out a pathway for achieving cuts in emissions by 2050

Lights will stay on without new nuclear - Huhne
(Reuters) - Britain's lights will stay on even without new nuclear power plants replacing the ageing reactors which are set to close in the next few years, energy secretary Chris Huhne said on Thursday.

Cameron Boosts Nuclear Incentives With Carbon Fee
Prime Minister David Cameron, in an effort to boost the use of nuclear power, plans to penalize polluters with a fee tied to carbon-dioxide emissions

Britain needs low-carbon energy revolution - Huhne
Britain needs an energy revolution centred on efficiency and low-carbon technology and possibly including nuclear power to meet binding targets for carbon emissions, energy minister Chris Huhne said Thursday.

Chris Huhne warns of £4bn black hole in nuclear power budget
Energy secretary blames predecessors for avoiding tough decisions in 'classic example of short-termism'.

Row over Severn Barrage goes on
Radio feature on the Severn barrage, including commentary from Horizon and SANE

New timetable for new nuclear power generation at Oldbury
Horizon put back planning application 3 years, to 2014 at the earliest

Fears over cooling towers at new power station at Oldbury taken to House of Lords
Lord John Cope of Berkeley, who was once the Conservative MP for Northavon, raised concerns about the impact cooling towers would have on the area at a debate in the House of Lords

New nuclear power station at Oldbury 'must have cooling towers up to 200m'
A NEW nuclear power station at Shepperdine would have to be built with cooling towers up to 200 metres high, developers have confirmed.

Protesters take to the streets against new nuclear power station
MORE than 100 people took to the streets of Thornbury last week to protest against plans for a new nuclear power station.

See the Light Protest in Thornbury
Over 150 local residents marched through the streets of Thornbury on Thursday 4th March calling on DECC to "See the Light" about New Nuclear at Oldbury.

BREAKING NEWS: Councillor to demand withdrawal of plans
Peter Tyzack proposed South Glos call for the plans for new nuclear at Oldbury to be withdrawn

SANE demands an Inquiry
Action group Sheppardine Against Nuclear Power has demanded an Inquiry into the anti-democratic nature of the consultation process surrounding the NPS and proposed new nuclear power stations

HORIZON: Update about 4th March meeting
The talk is intended to be an informative presentation on the main aspects to be considered in developing a large infrastructure project such as new nuclear build at Oldbury, and it is aimed at a general audience.

FOREST: Protests grow over riverside 'mega' N-site
The news that Oldbury-Shepperdine has been selected as a new nuclear generation site by the government has sparked a wave of protests on the east bank of the Severn.

BBC: Silent protest over nuclear plans
More than 200 people opposed to plans for a new nuclear power station near Bristol have staged a silent protest by taping gaffer tape over their mouths.

Oldbury planning application expected on 1 November 2011
Later next year, on 1 November, Horizon Nuclear Power - the UK joint venture between E.On and RWE - is expected to submit planning applications for new reactors at both the Wylfa and Oldbury plants.

Silent protest planned before DECC meeting at Thornbury Leisure Centre
Residents of Oldbury, Shepperdine, Rockhampton, Nupdown and Thornbury will be congregating outside the Thornbury Leisure Centre before the Department of Energy and Climate Change meeting in a silent protest to emphasise the non democratic procedures involved in the process.

Anti-Nuclear Groups Give Evidence at ECC Select Committee at Parliament
Wednesday, 27 January 2010 Anti-Nuclear Activists Disrupt Parliamentary Committee to Expose "Dumping" of Local Democracy

Update from Eon - 27 January 2010
An update on our project at Oldbury along with an overview of the public engagement activity we have carried out in addition to that by the DECC

Gazette: Campaigners prepare for battle to stop new power station in Shepperdine
PEOPLE living near Shepperdine have been preparing themselves for a campaign against a new nuclear power station.

Nuclear Protest on The Steps of The Council House in Bristol
Members of the Lib Dems, Green Party, Greenpeace and residents of Shepperdine amongst others protested on the steps of The Council House.

The local issues

Rockhampton resident, Professor Gareth Williams, gives an excellent and concise view of local issues around the proposed development.

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Newsnight on Nuclear Energy

3_newsnight - - oldbury

Click here to get a great overview of the issues around nuclear power from the BBC.